Worship Leaders Training

A training curriculum for worship leaders of Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church (FCC)’s Worship Leaders Training Course is an in-house, immersive training curriculum designed to equip emerging worship leaders for competent ministry in a church service setting and to supplement the on-going learning of experienced worship leaders.

Taking its cue from FCC’s spiritual formation track, the Course aims to:

  • Connect worship leaders from various zones and of different levels of experience in the environment of a learning (and worshipping) community
  • Equip worship leaders with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the art of worship leadership
  • Mentor worship leaders through shared wisdom and experiences to impart and ignite a passion for God’s presence as expressed through worship
  • Release worship leaders for effective ministry across FCC zones and services and beyond, including city-wide and international events towards FCC’s vision of global impact and influence.

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This module explores fundamental skills of worship leadership, including the delivery of a worship set and how to work with a worship team.

WT1: worship theology 1

This module lays the foundation for an understanding of the basic theology of worship.

WT2: worship theology 2

This module explores deeper truths about worship, building on the foundation of WT1.


In worship leading, the exhibited character of the worship leader is paramount. This module delves into important character issues for effective and influential worship ministry


This module explores the Biblical and historical roots of worship ministry in the context of the corporate church gathering and considers how the past informs the future of worship ministry


Leadership skills play a critical role in worship ministry, both in leading the gathered church and in leading team members. This module looks at the skills required to become an effective leader


As FCC moves into a season focused on the re-introduction of the Person of the Holy Spirit, this module explores the Spirit-led elements of worship leading and asks how we can listen to His voice and effectively fulfill the Holy Spirit’s directives

prac: practicum

This module provides hands-on, real-time coaching as participants lead worship services

vt: vocal training

Recognising that the voice is the main instrument used by a worship leader, this module seeks to improve a worship leader’s vocal competency through tailored training and exercises

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a theology of worship
  2. Cultivate a hunger for God’s Word
  3. Learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit and to activate spiritual gifts
  4. Develop a spiritual orientation to worship leading
  5. Build character as worship leaders
  6. Develop practical skills of worship leadership
  7. Understand how to lead a band and a creative team
  8. Gain an understanding of the Biblical and historical roots of worship leadership


  1. Nine modules of learning delivered remotely through articles, writings, podcasts and other media every two weeks
  2. A curriculum duration of 2 years, divided into 4 terms per year (each term to last 10 weeks each)
  3. Participants will gather via Zoom for 1.5 hours on Week 5 of each term to review and discuss materials
  4. Participants will gather for 2.5 hour in-person workshops on Week 10 for hands-on training
  5. Participants will be encouraged to complete at least 16 sessions of vocal lessons over the period of the Curriculum
  6. Participants are expected to serve in a worship leading capacity at Zonal services or Sunday services with feedback and coaching provided by the Worship Pastor or Worship Directors.