This module explores deeper truths about worship, building on the foundation of WT1.

WT2.1: Worship in Moses’ Tabernacle – Part 1

WT2.1.2: Worship In Moses’ Tabernacle – Part 2

This session looks at the pattern of worship established in the Tabernacle of Moses and looks at how Christ is revealed even in the articles of furnishings.

WT2.2: Worship in David’s Tabernacle

The establishment of David’s Tabernacle was an archetype of New Testament worship. We explore the heart behind Davidic worship and its implications for the church today.

WT2.3: Worship and Priesthood

An overview of the Old Testament Levitical priesthood, the implications for worship practice and how it was a shadow for a change in priestly order effected by Jesus

WT2.4: Worship and Witness

Harold Best once described evangelism as “worship overheard”. What place does worship play in evangelism in the modern church? We will also critique the “seeker-friendly” worship model.

WT2.5: Worship and Warfare

Worship plays a role in warfare. In this session, we look at principles of spiritual warfare and the role of praise.