My name is Lester Ong and I live in Perth, Western Australia. This is my blog.

I have been a follower of Jesus since 1990.

I started leading worship in 1993 and today it remains one of my ministry passions.

I love to read and write. I also enjoy teaching, particularly in the area of worship. I have been teaching since 1998. Some of the courses I’ve developed and taught include “Worship God with Your Voice”, “The Expressions of Worship”, “The Charismatic Century: 100 Years of the Holy Spirit” (this was when I got interested in church history); “Guitar Fundamentals”; “Worship Revolution” and “Worship Leadership”.

I have a passion to see the church in my city united through worship. I have led worship in various inter-congregation events, including Global Day of Prayer and Global Day of Worship.

I am also a director of a law firm.

I am married to Ling Chua. She has an awesome voice, honed through hours of listening to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. We have a pug called Lucy. She can’t actually hold a pitch nor enunciate so we have kept her off the worship team. Besides, I think she would be distracting.

Today, Ling and I attend Faith Community Church where I serve as Worship Director and as a member of the Church’s Executive Leadership Team (Board). Ling is actively involved in the Welcome Team.