Defining Worship

I expect that this will not be the only post I write on this subject because “worship” is one of those words which we all understand in some way or another, but find extremely difficult to pin down.  Depending on the context, its meaning expands and contracts.  Also, a lot our understanding will also be […]

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Nations Worship

Converge 2012 is going to culminate in an evening of “Nations Worship”. I was just thinking about what that night might look like. Could it look like this? Except of course, it would be representative of the church of Perth with worship leaders and singers from the Indigenous church, Korean church, African church, Indonesian church […]

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Worship and the Marketplace Part 2

When I wrote yesterday’s post, I was led to Ezekiel’s vision of the river flowing from the temple in Ezekiel 47. As I read that passage, I had more thoughts about the connection between worship in the temple and transformation in the marketplace. To fully appreciate the connection, we have to get an understanding of […]

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Worship and the Marketplace

I just got back from lunch and coffee with some of the people from my new cell group, all of whom are successful and influential in their workplace and it got me thinking. Today at church was the first time I had heard Pastor Peet Palm preach. I understand that he works with Ed Silvoso […]

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Converge 2012: Knit Together

It’s been amazing how God has led me here. About 7 years ago, I met Pastor Yoy Alberastine in a cafe to talk about worship and the city. We must have sat there for about 4 hours just dreaming about what it would be like if worship leaders across the city connected together. The spiritual […]

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New Stuff (and Some Old)

I had a quick run to the Christian bookshop this morning after breakfast and picked up some stuff. CDS Passion: White Flag Matt Redman: 10,000 Reasons International House of Prayer Student Awakening: Joy Bethel Music: The Loft Sessions Hillsong United: Live in Miami Books Craig Groeschel: What is God Really Like John Piper: Let the […]

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I’m excited about being part of Converge 2012: Knit Together, from 23 to 26 May 2012. The last day is a full day devoted to worship, where worship ministries all around the city will gather to lift up the name of Jesus. Leave a comment here if you’re interested in participating! Watch this space for […]

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Heart First

I have just finished reading Wayne Cordeiro’s The Irresistible Church. It’s a great book and particularly relevant to me as I had spent several months looking for an “irresistible church”. Here, I extract Cordeiro’s third trait of an irresistible church: The third trait of an irresistible church, a church God loves to bless, is living […]

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Worship Leader’s Hand Signals

Today, I want to look at the hand signals that worship leaders use. Having visited a number of churches, I have noticed that worship leaders (depending on how they were trained) approach hand signals very differently.  I am not talking about the core shapes, because it seems that worship leaders around the world have somehow […]

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Pressing In

Wow, it’s been a number of days since my last post. I’ve had a pretty busy week leading up to a trial last Friday. I haven’t conducted a trial in ages so I was a bit nervous, but I’m glad to say that God is good and we won the case, with the Tribunal giving […]

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