Imagine the Unknown

Shimon Perez once said: People prefer remembering to imagining. Memory deals with familiar things; imagination deals with the unknown. Imagination can be frightening – it requires risking a departure from the familiar. We love the safety of the familiar; the tried and true. It’s safe because it’s predictable. But growth, innovation and transformation comes from […]

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Global Day of Prayer

Pastor Benny preached an awesome message at Faith Community Church today from Nehemiah 8 on 3 Signs of Revival: a return to the assembling of God’s people, a restoration of the Word of God and the rediscovery of the Feast of Tabernacles. He talked about how in Joel 2, the prophet foresaw a day when […]

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What’s Gone Wrong with the Worship Song?

I recently came across Andy Chamberlain’s article “Radio Killed the Worship Song” in this month’s Worship Leader magazine and I couldn’t agree more with him. Chamberlain’s point is that today’s worship songs are no longer “congregational”, more particularly, that they aren’t being written with the average church congregation in mind: Many of our best known worship songs […]

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Worship: The Centre of Existence

It’s been a while since I last posted. Life has just gotten really busy. But I recently had to do some assignments for Metro Worship Academy. I haven’t written assignments in years! My friend Kelwin says that they should call them “adventures”, rather than “assignments”. We will see… In an interview with the Canberra Times[1], […]

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