Now That’s Radical Church

This week, we had dinner with some pastor friends of ours and we caught a glimpse of how the disciples must have felt on the Emmaus Road as Jesus was talking and they had felt their “hearts burning within” them (Lk 24:32). I think that’s the sense you get when a vision that has captured […]

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Lift Up Those Hands

I’m in Bali at the moment and one of the things I really hate is the traffic. The roads are narrow, the sidewalk is uneven and there are cars and motorbikes everywhere. Crossing the road is quite an undertaking. What my friend does is that he steps onto the road with his hand outstretched, palm […]

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When I get hungry, I’m no fun to be around. I get cranky. Real cranky. Just ask my wife. When you are hungry, you are longing for something which is yours to have, but which you may not yet have taken hold of. I’m reading Bill Johnson’s Hosting the Presence at the moment. Johnson observes […]

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