When I get hungry, I’m no fun to be around. I get cranky. Real cranky. Just ask my wife.

When you are hungry, you are longing for something which is yours to have, but which you may not yet have taken hold of.

I’m reading Bill Johnson’s Hosting the Presence at the moment.

Johnson observes that the prophets of the Old Testament longed for two things: that all of God’s people will have a new heart and a new nature, and secondly that they would all have the Spirit of God rest upon them.

The prophets were hungry. They saw what was coming and they longed for it in their day.

Johnson says: “When He shows us what’s coming, it’s not so that we can plan and strategise. It’s so we’ll get hungry and draw into our day what was reserved for another day!”

These are the days the prophets had foretold! May the Spirit of God fall on us in a fresh and powerful way. When that happens, I believe that there will be open heavens in our ministry, when the heavens will collide with the earthly realm and bring transformation!

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