Honour and the Heart of Worship

It was good to be back home after being away for nearly a month, with two weekends spent in Sydney sandwiching the Hillsong Conference (which was pure amazing) and then ministering last week at another church. Maybe it was the sense of missing something that made me appreciate it more (like being on a diet […]

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Outposts of Grace

I missed this session by Brian Houston but my wife was there and keeps reminding me of this amazing statement that Brian made: The church is called to be an outpost of grace in the world rather than a guardian of the law. However that is expressed in our local church, this means we are […]

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Hillsong Highlights – Day 3

Today’s conference for me was quite a definitive one. I felt God speak to me very clearly about commitment to His cause. This morning Bill Hybels shared on tests of leadership. Test 4 was the grander vision test. As leaders we need to give those we lead a grander vision than they have seen so […]

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