Hillsong Highlights – Day 3

Today’s conference for me was quite a definitive one. I felt God speak to me very clearly about commitment to His cause.

This morning Bill Hybels shared on tests of leadership. Test 4 was the grander vision test. As leaders we need to give those we lead a grander vision than they have seen so far. Test 5 is about whether the vision is so consuming that we would be prepared to pay the price to run after it.

Hybels shared about how his father had set up a succession plan for Hybels to take over the family business. Instead, Hybels was so gripped by what could be done through a properly functioning Acts 2 church that he gave it all up to start a church. His dad made him sign over all the shares in the company. He said it was one of the things in which he experienced his dad’s disappointment. His dad passed away two years later, never to see the fruit of Hybels’ ministry.

Hybels recalled that two weeks ago, he was baptising converts in his church. It was something he never got sick of. In fact, he still bawls like a baby when he does baptisms. And his lay leader (a businessman) looks over and says “sign me up for another 20 years of this”.

Then this afternoon Louie Giglio ran a masterclass entitled “Being a Visionary Architect”. He shared that people are either leading a vision or under a vision. He shared that we need to be faithful to a vision until God releases us from it. Because you never know when you will hit the multiplication zone.

I’ve gone through a difficult season of uncertainty the last few months in terms of career paths and decisions. God finally led me to a place where I could take up a role to direct and influence the culture of my firm but also to fulfill my role in church ministry. Why not both? I was finally at peace with the decision.

In the context of what I’ve shared above, I’m gripped by a grander vision. Of seeing work as worship and bringing the presence of God to the marketplace. But also to keep running hard in music ministry, to give all I’ve got to see my worship director reach his fullest potential and for our church’s worship to transition to a higher level. Today, I feel that commitment to the cause galvanise like never before. I’m all in!



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