Put Your Hand into the Hand of God

During yesterday’s message by Faith Community Church’s Missions Coordinator, Bro Yew Beng, he shared an inspiring quote by King George VI from his 1939 annual Christmas address to the Commonwealth. The context was that Britain was on the brink of world war. In the midst of the uncertainty, fear and expectation of gloom, King George […]

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Worship’s Dirtiest Word

In recent posts, I have been ruminating about worship auditions. Over the years, worship ministries have accepted auditions as a completely legitimate way to vet and induct new candidates into the ministry. But whenever you talk about auditions, you also bring up another concept, which to mention in the context of worship is virtually taboo. […]

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Audition Success!

I was really thrilled yesterday to get an email yesterday as follows: Congratulations! You have been successful in the FCC worship audition. Welcome to the team! It was a good thing my wife ordered me some in-ear earphones from Catch of the Day! My joining the Faith Community Church worship team is significant to me […]

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Blessings Reel – July 2012

At the beginning of the year, following Joseph Prince’s first sermon of the year, I posted that 2012 would be for me a Year of Unceasing Fruitfulness. Reflecting over the 7 months that has already come and gone, I am all the more convinced of this. Last week, I was watching the movie adaptation of […]

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