Worship in the Heart of the Perth Cultural Precinct – Part 2

Last week, I posted on an idea I had about doing a worship event right in the middle of the Perth Cultural Precinct.

I have lots of crazy ideas, but sometimes I wonder whether many of these are actually from God. So, as I prayed through this idea, I started articulating it with some fellow worshippers in our city, just to see whether it resonated with them.  Surprisingly (or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised?), they all got excited about the idea.

Yesterday, I attended a conference on “Israel and the Nations” presented by David Davis and Peter Tsukahira from Kehilat haCarmel in Israel.  I was really impressed by how God was fulfilling biblical prophecy in our lifetime as it pertains to Israel and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

One of the things that really struck me was how pedestrian our concept of spiritual warfare can be compared to our Israeli brethren who are daily in the literal line of fire.  As David Davis was teaching, he said that one of the keys to advancing in spiritual warfare was public worship.

And it made me think about how worshipping publicly in the middle of Perth’s cultural precinct might not only be a display of God’s glory in our city, but might also somehow be a means to advancing God’s kingdom.

One of the things that is becoming more clear to me is that when we do this worship event, it will be just that: worship and nothing else.  Yes, we will be musically excellent, but we won’t worry about impressive riffs and intros.  We won’t worry about choosing “seeker friendly” songs.  We will be focussed solely on exalting the name of Jesus publicly in our city.  And as we do, we wait with expectation that God might answer with the fire of His presence and turn the hearts of the lost to Him.


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