In worship leading, the exhibited character of the worship leader is paramount. This module delves into important character issues for effective and influential worship ministry.

WLC1: Wholeheartedness and Surrender

Realising that the heart of worship is one of full devotion to the One we worship.

WLC2: Intimacy with God – Part 1

We lead out of a place of intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

WLC3: Intimacy with God – Part 2

How we cultivate zeal and passion for the Holy Spirit.

WLC4: Understanding Your Calling

How do you know that you are called? Is your calling lifelong or seasonal? This session explores how we can live out our calling in confidence

WLC5: Holiness and Consecration

The holiness of God and why our holiness matters in our worship

WLC6: Worship and Performance

Walking the thin-line between excellence in our craft without being overtaken by a performance mindset

WLC7: The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

How our identity in Christ helps us to abandon our self-focus and self-centredness.