This module explores the Biblical and historical roots of worship ministry in the context of the corporate church gathering and considers how the past informs the future of worship ministry

WTC1: Worship in Church History – Part 1 – Early Church Worship

Starting with the early church, this series of sessions surveys the evolving modes of worship through church history. This session explores worship forms in the early church from the Biblical text and historical account
WTC2: Worship in Church History – Part 2 – Worship in the Medieval ChurchThis session looks at the formalisation and mystification of worship in Medieval history
WTC3: Worship in Church History – Part 3 – Worship in the Free ChurchThis session looks at worship reform in the Free Church through to early Pentecostalism.

WTC4: The Modern Praise and Worship Movement

From the Jesus People revival, we explore how the movement has evolved over the last 50 years and ask whether some of the accepted practices are biblical or a product of culture.

WTC5: 100 Years of the Holy Spirit

A survey of the move of the Holy Spirit from the Azusa Street revival (and its precursors) to the modern day

WTC6: Worship Megatrends

How do we keep on the cutting edge and remain biblically faithful? We explore what worship in the future might look like, including emerging trends