We had an amazing time of worship last Sunday. Pastor Yoy began the service by exhorting the congregation to engage in praise, prayer and the prophetic. From my earlier post regarding last Sunday’s setlist, I shared about how we needed more of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our services. It was the same message […]

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Weekend Ministry with Ray Badham

I had the honour last weekend of serving with Ps Ray Badham as he led worship at Faith Community Church. Ray is a music director and songwriter at Hillsongs and currently serves as principal of Hillsong College. One of Ray’s songs, “Magnificent” has gone around the world and was most recently re-recorded on Darlene Zschech’s […]

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I Heard Angels Singing Today

Today, I heard a sound in worship that I had never heard before in all my years in worship ministry. It left me completely in awe of God. Here’s the context. This weekend, Faith Community Church is having its Intentional Disciplemaking Church Conference (IDMC). Intentional disciplemaking is one of the redemptive gifts which FCC brings […]

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Another Awesome Rehearsal

I just got back this evening rehearsing with the band for Converge “Hear the Nations Worship” night. It was another time of refreshing in God’s presence. I came to the rehearsal with quite a great deal of stress. I was busy at work, but also busy trying to finalise everything for Converge and my mind […]

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Songlist for Asian Worship

I’m really excited about Converge. After months of planning, we are nearly there and I’m getting to do what I love the most: working together with the band! And I’m excited to be working together with a great team of friends from different churches all of whom are not only skilled musicians, but also have […]

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Converge 2012: Knit Together

It’s been amazing how God has led me here. About 7 years ago, I met Pastor Yoy Alberastine in a cafe to talk about worship and the city. We must have sat there for about 4 hours just dreaming about what it would be like if worship leaders across the city connected together. The spiritual […]

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