We had an amazing time of worship last Sunday.

Pastor Yoy began the service by exhorting the congregation to engage in praise, prayer and the prophetic.

From my earlier post regarding last Sunday’s setlist, I shared about how we needed more of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our services. It was the same message I shared to the team was we prepared and rehearsed.

Quite amazingly, at about 9 mins 15 seconds into the worship (as you will hear in the recording), one of the lead intercessors in the church got up to release this word:

In my dream, I saw the window burst open up from that end [of the auditorium] and a mighty rushing wind burst forth from there and suddenly the glory of God began to flow down from that corner until it filled the whole auditorium. And then I saw the people of God lifting up their hands and as they praised Jesus I saw the whole ceiling covered with doves and as we continued to worship, the doves began to land on their heads. As we cry out to God, God will break forth and the glory of God will come and fill you and touch you.

Okay, so I think I might freak out if the whole ceiling was filled with doves, so thankfully, I think this intercessor meant figurative doves. But it really confirmed for me that we had in faith taken the right direction in our worship, because I never shared with the intercessor what I had shared with the team.

What I can say about the worship time that ensued was that it was intense. Really intense. Probably one of the most intense times of worship we’ve corporately experienced for a while. Later on, another intercessor told me that she felt that there was a real breakthrough atmosphere in the service.

I’m so thankful to God for the amazing team of musicians, singers and technicians who caught the vision that I had shared with them and came, not only with their musical giftings, but also with faith and anticipation.

May God continue to intensify that sense of His presence and the revelation of His glory in our midst!


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