Numbers Count

In my last post, I talked about Elevation Church’s Code. In this post, I delve deeper into the thought “it’s all about the numbers”. How important are “the numbers” in terms of the health of a church? Often numerical growth is juxtaposed against spiritual depth as if they are diametrical opposites. In 2008, those who […]

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The Code

I have come across many vision and mission statements, but nothing like Elevation Church’s Code. Check this out: The philosophical approach of Elevation Church is fresh and confronting. I love the clause that says “We Need Your Seat”. It speaks of the fact that the church is singularly pursuing a mission and that those who […]

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Encountering Grace

In order to truly worship, I believe that we need to apprehend the grace of God. Now, most of us in Christian circles have some idea of “grace”. It is by faith, through grace, that we are saved. In fact, grace is probably one of the key distinctives of the Protestant movement. Yet, I believe […]

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Breaking the Competitive Spirit

I’m learning so much from reading Joel Osteen’s book, Every Day a Friday. It’s a book all about living with the right attitude and so much of it is applicable to those of us in worship ministry. Today, I want to look at the spirit of competition. My next post will deal with the sort […]

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Turning Off the Sound

In his book Everyday a Friday, Joel Osteen shares about how, when he was in charge of producing his father’s TV broadcasts, he would sometimes turn off the sound to see what the guest preacher was communicating through his countenance. I like that idea.  I wonder how many worship leaders (if they were muted) would […]

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A New Chapter

It is always difficult to start something. The starting of a thing often sets its future course. But life is often more about the journey.  The grace of God is greater than the best of our starts.  So no many how we start, there is always the comfort of knowing that His grace is sufficient […]

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