Epochal Song 3: I Love You Lord (Laurie Klein, 1978)

This song has became a worship standard around the world and a trigger song because of its simplicity and its intimacy.

I remember a powerful moment in 2002 at a Planetshakers conference in Adelaide when Sam Evans was trying to encourage the delegates to worship on their own. After a very brief sharing, she left the platform and left us all to our own devices! The initial thought that went through most of our heads was “what do we do now for the next 30 minutes?”

One by one, each person in the crowd began to purpose to worship, completely unaided by music.

People began to lift up their own songs to the Lord and then someone began to sing “I Love You Lord” and within seconds, all 500 or so people gathered began to resonate with it and lifted up their voices together in harmony. It was a beautiful moment in sharing together our love for God.

Today, even in the midst of the technicalities of aspiring to create cutting edge music, there are moments when the worship crescendos followed by silence. And then, softly breaking through that silence, is the intimate refrain of “I love You Lord, and I lift my voice….” I’ve been in many meetings like that and I have no doubt that this song will continue to be part of the worship vernacular for a long time to come.

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