Being a Son, Not a Son-in-Law

I was at church yesterday and the preacher was teaching about Praying with Power.

She taught that one of the main keys to effective prayer is to know our identity in Christ.

John 1:12 says:

To all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God…

The point the speaker made was that if we realise we are God’s children, we have a right to our inheritance in Christ, making us bold in our prayers and petitions.

I think this is a point easiest understood by those who are married.

Even now, when I go visit my parents’ home, I am completely at ease opening up the freezer and reaching for my mum’s extensive ice-cream collection. Even though my wife shares the same weakness for ice-cream as I do, she is much more hesitant and cautious. She will only have an ice-cream if my mum asks if shed like one.

The opposite is true whenever I stay with my wife’s parents in Singapore. Even though I am told to feel at home, inevitably, I feel more like a guest.

Thats the difference when we live our lives as sons (or daughters) of God rather than as sons (or daughters)-in-law.

Under the covenant of grace, we have access to every blessing that God has promised through His son. We are adopted into God’s family and are co-heirs with Christ, seated with Him in the heavenly places in a position of authority. Despite this, we often live as though we are still under the law, as if we are sons-in-law or daughters-in-law. We are careful when we approach God; we feel like we still need to do things to please Him and earn His favour.

I am thankful that the favour of God under the covenant of grace is unmerited! It doesn’t depend on what I do, but its all about what Christ has done for me! I am so grateful that I am a son of God, rather than a son-in-law!

2 thoughts on “Being a Son, Not a Son-in-Law

  1. That’s a good analogy! But I wouldn’t hesitate to look for ice cream at my in-law’s fridge…or even at your place. Can you please buy some decent ice creams.

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