The Oak Stump

In my previous post (The Worship Leadership Masterclass – Day 2 Roundup), I shared about how as I was teaching my class, I felt led to release a word to one of the students who was preparing for missions work in Japan. This is James Benjamin’s post from his blog Crossing the Boundary in which he shares how that word impacted him. Thanks James for letting me post this here!

The Fisherman's Horizon

So little yet so much has been happening in the last couple of weeks.

The beginning of this is a couple of weeks ago when I was getting swamped with pressure to do my thesis research and I got rather overwhelmed, and I decided to take a mini-sabbatical, taking a few days off to just relax and not think about it. I spent my time (not watching anime or movies, or playing games because I’m still on the 40 day fast, which ends in one day!!) reading books I had just recently obtained from Overseas Missionary Fellowship. The book of particular interest is “In Japan the crickets cry”. A story about Steve Metcalf, who grew up in a village in China, called to serve in Japan, and faithfully walked into unknown territory serving and preaching God to the people in Japan. After reading this book, I started to ask God…

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