The Worship Leadership Masterclass: Day 2 Roundup

It’s been a pretty exhausting day. For some reason this week, it just took that much longer to get all the material ready for this morning’s sessions and I didn’t feel like I slept properly last night. Perhaps it was nerves.

But I’m glad I pushed through! We had a great time this morning during the Worship Leadership Masterclass, going through more building blocks of a worship set, namely the exhortation/call to worship, Scripture reading, spontaneous singing, worship and intercession and releasing the prophetic word. Then we went through some practical tips on how to work with musicians, hand signals, vocal cues and using your worship space properly.

For me, today’s sessions were important ones because they reflected an element of worship practice closest to my heart: how worship and intercession fuse together to release God’s will for the nations on the earth – the missional aspect of worship.

We then talked about emerging trends in the worship landscape, including a rediscovery of radical grace, worship in a flattened structure and a redefining of sacred space.

A highlight for me was as I was sharing about a short term mission trip I led some years ago to Japan to conduct a worship seminar, I felt prompted to release a word to one of the student who was preparing to become a missionary to Japan. I felt a little silly actually interrupting the session to release the word, and I wasn’t even sure if it was relevant, but the student has since shared about the encouragement and impact that the word had on him. I will share more about that in a later post.

We then finished the session by teaching on how to cultivate the gifts. Remember that we need to remain teachable and humble, and to champion the calling of others in our circle of influence. My prayer is that through these classes, God will awaken the calling on the lives of some of the students in worship ministry and that they will go even further than I have ever been. My only request was that when they become world-famous worship leaders, they would still let me do backing vocals for them!

Hope you guys enjoyed the sessions as much I enjoyed teaching them!

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