An Adventure in Missing the Point

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Today Ray Badham taught about building a worship team at Arrows College.

We were asked to brainstorm along the lines of who the stakeholders were in our worship service.

One by one, the students called out ‘worship leader’, ‘musicians’, ‘vocalists’, ‘sound technicians’, ‘dancers’, ‘visuals’ etc. I thought I was being pretty savvy by calling out ‘senior pastor’.

Funnily enough, it took us ages before the three main stakeholders were identified – ‘God’, ‘the congregation’ and the ‘unsaved’. Suddenly there was a gasp of recognition.

Talk about the wood for the trees! At a time in history when the church is recovering ground on the arts, today was a timely reminder for us to realign ourselves with what’s important; to not get too caught up in music and production at the expense of true worship.

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