An Adventure in Missing the Point

Today Ray Badham taught about building a worship team at Arrows College. We were asked to brainstorm along the lines of who the stakeholders were in our worship service. One by one, the students called out ‘worship leader’, ‘musicians’, ‘vocalists’, ‘sound technicians’, ‘dancers’, ‘visuals’ etc. I thought I was being pretty savvy by calling out […]

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Audition Success!

I was really thrilled yesterday to get an email yesterday as follows: Congratulations! You have been successful in the FCC worship audition. Welcome to the team! It was a good thing my wife ordered me some in-ear earphones from Catch of the Day! My joining the Faith Community Church worship team is significant to me […]

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What Type of Worship Leader Are You?

Years ago, I came across John de Jong’s catalogue of different types of worship leaders (from his book Riding the Storm), which I thought was rather amusing. It’s tongue-in-cheek, but in the process, he makes some quite incisive observations about worship leading methodology. So here are the categories, but I want to just make the […]

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Pressing In

Wow, it’s been a number of days since my last post. I’ve had a pretty busy week leading up to a trial last Friday. I haven’t conducted a trial in ages so I was a bit nervous, but I’m glad to say that God is good and we won the case, with the Tribunal giving […]

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