God Works Great Miracles When Things Seem the Most Hopeless

I don’t think God’s ever had a day when He thought “well, I never saw that one coming”.

Even though we may have.

Even though things seem messy. And uncertain. And hopeless.

Andy Stanley writes:

If we asked Jesus’ disciples months after he was crucified what their darkest moment had been following Jesus and when they had the least hope, I believe they would have answered, “It was when we realised things weren’t going to get better, when he promised us things would get worse, when he predicted that one of us would betray him and that all of us would fall away. It was when he was tried and convicted and we saw him die. It was when we thought we had wasted our time and that God wasn’t there.

If we asked them, When do you think God was doing his greatest work? Was it healing the lame guy, healing the blind, or seeing Lazarus step out of his tomb? I believe they would answer, “Actually, it was during those hours when it seemed he was doing the least. In those darkest moments, when it seemed God was inactive, he was actually the most active.” Those hours were the epicentre of the salvation of humankind. Those hours were the ones that, for thousands of years, people all over the world have looked back to, rejoicing in God’s goodness and grace….

God’s most amazing work often begins in the biggest messes, in times of brokenness.”

(Andy Stanley “God is Certain” in Craig Groeschel (ed) What God is Really Like pp 51-52)

Around two thousand years ago today, one of the greatest tragedies unfolded. Little did they know then that this was the seed of one of the greatest victories in history, setting into motion an outpouring of grace that would bring great spiritual blessings for generations to come.

In the most uncertain of times, in the midst of great hopelessness, God is performing the greatest of miracles.

2 thoughts on “God Works Great Miracles When Things Seem the Most Hopeless

  1. i have to say that when God seems silent is when he has worked the biggest changes in my heart and life. it is glorious to watch when we see the end result of what we didn’t even know was happening. God has used an upset in my life to bring me closer to him and i wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world

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