Masterpieces of Grace

One of the hallmarks of Faith Community Church, as an intentional disciplemaking church, is its focus on the depth of God’s word through teaching. Each year, our church pulpit team will preach expositorily through an Old Testament book and a New Testament book. On 22 July this year, I had the privilege of preaching my […]

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Outposts of Grace

I missed this session by Brian Houston but my wife was there and keeps reminding me of this amazing statement that Brian made: The church is called to be an outpost of grace in the world rather than a guardian of the law. However that is expressed in our local church, this means we are […]

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Blessings Reel – April 2012

It’s amazing to think that a third of the year has just flown by. And not just any year, but the Year of Unceasing Fruitfulness. I like the idea of fruitfulness, because it has got nothing to do with what you do and what you can achieve; rather it has to do with where you […]

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Authenticity Attracts

Here is another brilliant thought from Pastor Benny Ho’s sermon yesterday at Faith Community Church: Authentic people attract.  Weird people distract. And he was talking about the church! I think we’ve all seen our fair share of weird Christians.  I certainly have, especially because in most of my early years growing up in the church, […]

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