Why Easter Saturday is the Most Underrated Day This Weekend

Yesterday was Good Friday. On Good Friday, we commemorate Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. It’s a crucially important moment in the history of mankind. As Luther once said, “the cross tests everything”. The cross makes all the difference.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Easter Sunday, the day of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. But I reckon that’s really the tip of the iceberg.

In our contemporary society, on the day in-between, i.e. “Easter Saturday”, life goes on. We go shopping. Pubs are open. A serve of poached eggs and crispy bacon sounds like a great brunch option. In New Testament times, it was the Sabbath. A day of quiet and reflection.

Actually, on that day, beneath the surface, even though the broken and bruised body of Jesus was ostensibly in the tomb, Ephesians 4 tells us that he descended to the lowest regions. Whilst the body of Christ was most inactive, the person of Jesus was most active on Easter Saturday. He was taking the host of Satan to task, confronting evil and darkness. No longer the meek Lamb of God, he was the Lion of Judah – fierce and strong. He went to hell and gave them hell! From His brokenness issued forth a mystery hidden in Christ through the ages – a new law of grace which completely took the devil by surprise. I don’t know why it took a whole day, but Jesus then emerges with the keys of death and Hades. Now, that was a productive day!

And that’s why I think Easter Saturday is completely underrated.

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