The Worship Leadership Masterclass: Day 1 Roundup


It’s been about four years since I taught my last Christian education class. In my previous church, I was very active in teaching classes and organising syllabi. After moving to FCC, I’ve been concentrating more on worship ministry so it was refreshing to be back into teaching today. And moreso because I was teaching my favourite subject – worship leadership.

Over 60 people turned up, mostly from FCC but thanks to FCC’s generosity, we also had people from Lynwood Christian Centre, Better Life Church, PCLC, Kingsway and Anchor Church in attendance.

We began with a sweeping look at the definition of worship, a survey of worship in the Bible, it’s historical development, the role and function of the worship leader and the power of music.

I encouraged the students that you don’t have to be very proficient at music to lead worship – as long as you have appreciation for music, some fundamentals and you are friends with great musicians!

In the second session, we looked at how to plan a worship set, the shape of a worship set and the importance of flow. If there is one thing to get out of today, it is that we need to make sure that the worship set flows in terms of musical feel and unity of theme. A worship leader should visualise the flow from start to finish before they even come to rehearsal.

We ended the session with a look at how to choose songs which is really half the work of worship leading. The students all put together a set list and some volunteered their examples. I felt a bit like the set list doctor, diagnosing ways to make the set list better. But I was glad to see many students coming up with impressive set lists which I’ll probably need to pilfer for when I next lead worship!

I really enjoyed myself today. Sorry we couldn’t put up the recordings due to technical problems. We will try to get sessions 3 and 4 up!

I’m looking forward to next week’s sessions as I pray that God will use these teachings to raise the watermark of worship in our congregations!

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