Set List: Faith Community Church (23 June 2013)

I had the privilege of serving yesterday with Band 4 at Faith Community Church for the Sunday Service.

Continuing from my thoughts yesterday on “Personal Genesis”, I felt that God was releasing a new anointing on our band. I actually wish I had the music recorded from yesterday’s service because the sound that was released was quite unconventional.

When it comes to worship, I err on the side of predictable. I like familiar, tried and true arrangements. Like my wife likes to say, you don’t mess with the classics.

But our music director on the band, Joe Wee Chuah, is a consummate musician and I wanted him to explore and push through his own creative frontiers so I asked him to attend to the musical arrangements. Joe Wee ended “scripting” some incredibly fresh renderings of old, near-weary songs.

At first, I was a bit cautious because, as I said, I like predictability. But I was personally challenged too – if we could pull it off as a band, why can’t we have a “both/and” mentality dabbling in both familiarity and surprise?

What also really impressed me was, apart from some novel musical arrangements, some of the guys were so dedicated to see it through that they spent an extra session rehearsing together, without my even asking for it! To me, it was a sign of our band’s maturity to take personal responsibility for the delivery of worship and to support my leading, without leaving me to carry the load on my own.

And deliver they did! It was one of the freshest of Sunday worships we’ve done as a band. For me, this was the raising of a new water mark and a breaking through of the glass ceiling.

May we only go from strength to strength from here on in!

Here is the list:

// God is Great (B)
// Lay Me Down (B) (Chris Tomlin)
// Here I am to Worship/Call (E)
// Your Name/Cry of the Broken (A)

Here is the version of Your Name which we did from Darlene Zschech’s Revealing Jesus album.

2 thoughts on “Set List: Faith Community Church (23 June 2013)

    1. Agree!!! We really need to bridge across the different bands a lot more but still draw out each person’s and band’s unique strength. As with every aspect of church life, unity remains the key!

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