God Will See to It

In my post yesterday on giving and worship, I talked about Jehovah Jireh – the God who provides.

My wife the theologian was quick to point out that the literal rendering of that name actually means “the Lord sees”.

When rendered that way, the meaning is even richer.

Think about it.

Before you ever had a need, before you ever faced a challenge, God had already seen it. God sees.

As Abraham and Isaac went up one side of the mountain, a ram was already ascending from the other side. The provision was already being made so that at the very point of need, all that Abraham had needed was supplied. God will see to it.

And in the midst of that provision, Abraham’s response was to make the sacrifice, to worship.

Another translation of the name is “he will be seen”. In other words, in God’s provision, He will be seen.

So Jehovah Jireh is our God who provides. He sees the need and He sees to the provision so that in that provision, He will be seen!

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