Why We Need to Continuously Teach on Worship

As a worship minister, I feel that God’s call on my life is to go just beyond being a practitioner of worship, but also a teacher of worship.

And here’s why.

John Maxwell once said this:

Unless the why behind the what is taught consistently, unless we preach a standard and not just a method, then clarity, precision and most importantly, the original why, becomes distorted in all the doing.

Obviously, this goes beyond just worship ministry. But it’s a reminder that we can’t just keep “doing” the worship without going back to the roots of understanding what worship is all about.

Recently, when I was studying at Arrows College, one of the things a lot of the students said was how surprised they were at how much they enjoyed the Worship module. This was because a lo of them had thought that worship was a specialist subject and was relevant for only those in music ministry. But when they realised how worship, when correctly understood, encompassed all of our Christian life, manifesting itself in different expressions of service, they were inspired and enlightened – to the extent that even the most non-musical students happily participated in doing something entirely musical – songwriting!

If worship is so all-encompassing, then I think we owe it to ourselves to study worship in the Bible, and beyond that, also to teach worship regularly and consistently so that as John Maxwell exhorts, we never lose focus of the “why” in all that we are doing.

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