Worship in the Heart of the Perth Cultural Precinct?

Yesterday afternoon, we were walking home from the Perth CBD after doing a bit of shopping and we happened to walk through the Perth Cultural Precinct.

They were playing Olympic highlights on the big screen outside the State Library. The setting actually reminded me of an amphitheatre. An amphitheatre for worship!

And then the thought came to me. What if we could gather the church together for an afternoon of passionate, heartfelt worship right in the heart of the city’s cultural precinct? And in the line of sight of everybody?

The worship team (which would consist of musicians and singers from different churches) would stand right under the screen. The people would gather in front of the screen and up around on the steps.

We could put the words up on the big screen with other video images.

We could have dancers and flaggers.

And I wondered how much it would cost to hire a sound system and some crowd barriers and to get public liability insurance.

Recently, I finished reading Steven Furtick’s book Sun Stand Still, which is all about activating audacious faith. I wonder whether this could be my own “sun stand still” prayer?

Do you think it’s possible? And maybe it’s even better if it’s impossible so that if it does happen, we’ll know that God orchestrated it. What do you think about this idea? Is it worth pursuing?

2 thoughts on “Worship in the Heart of the Perth Cultural Precinct?

  1. That actually sounds so great 🙂 If you made flyers and sent them to all the local youth groups you’d probably get a lot of support

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