Converge 2012 Day of Worship on Saturday 26 May 2012 – Save the Date

I’m excited about the Converge 2012 Day of Worship.  From 6 am to 10 pm, teams from different churches will gather to exalt the name of Jesus in the centre of Perth at the historic Wesley Church. 

We’ve got on board teams from a wide-spectrum of the church, including an American Gospel team, the Salvation Army, Flame Catholic Youth and the Nations Worship Team.  We’ve only got a couple of slots left to fill!

It will be a day of joining our hearts across denominational and methodological lines in concerted praise in answer to Jesus’ prayer:  that we might be one so the world will know.

Put down the date 26 May 2012 in your diary.  Invite your churches, cell groups, friends and family to witness and participate in the unity of the body of Christ in the city through worship.  The day’s program will be released shortly so watch this space!

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