A New Chapter

It is always difficult to start something.

The starting of a thing often sets its future course.

But life is often more about the journey.  The grace of God is greater than the best of our starts.  So no many how we start, there is always the comfort of knowing that His grace is sufficient for the journey.

So to start again is exciting.  It’s the abandoning of the familiar in favour of wading into unfamiliar ground.  This process always involves more faith.

I’m looking forward to the new chapter.

On 24 July 2011, after 21 years (for me) and 10 years (for my wife) in our home church, my wife and I felt the call to move into new territory.  We weren’t really sure where God was leading us, but we have spent the last few months now seeing what God is doing amongst the churches in Perth.

What we’ve seen has surprised and encouraged us.  Later on, I will share about my sense of the worship landscape in the city.  But it’s been amazing to see the move of God amongst the churches in its various manifestations.

We’ve also had the privilege of taking part in a city-wide prayer event in the form of the Commonwealth Prayer Initiative.

Even though we had doubts when we stepped out, like Peter we sensed the voice of Jesus steadying our steps and keeping us from sinking.

We’ve also sensed a call to unite churches in worship.  Can it happen?

Two thousand and twelve promises to be our best year yet!

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