This module lays the foundation for an understanding of the basic theology of worship

WT1.1 The Importance of Worship Theology

Exploring the importance of theology and Biblical knowledge as the basis for effective worship leading

WT1.2 What is Worship? Part 1

How is worship defined? Why is it critical in the life of the believer and in the corporate life of the church?

WT1.3 What is Worship? Part 2

Exploring the definition of worship further, particularly by reference to idolatry.

WT1.4 The Expressions of Worship

Understanding the Biblical importance in various expressions such as singing, lifting of hands, shouting, bowing, dancing and clapping

WT1.5 The Power of God’s Presence

How worship creates the environment for God to manifest His presence

WT1.6 The Role of Music in Worship
Understanding the role and function of music in worship from a Biblical perspective

WT1.7 Worship as Intentional Disciplemaking

How worship plays a role in spiritual formation, both in the context of the ministry and for the broader congregation, in an IDM church.