Worship Leaders Who Talk Too Much

I had just finished a couple of hours of tennis with some friends of mine, some of whom actively serve in church worship. One of the guys (a young, upcoming worship leader) made the observation that sometimes, worship leaders spend too much time talking at the start of the service. In fact, he said, at […]

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Worship Leader’s Hand Signals

Today, I want to look at the hand signals that worship leaders use. Having visited a number of churches, I have noticed that worship leaders (depending on how they were trained) approach hand signals very differently.  I am not talking about the core shapes, because it seems that worship leaders around the world have somehow […]

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How to Choose Songs

Whenever I teach on worship leading, one of the most common questions I am invariably asked is: “how do you choose the songs?” I think a lot of people presume that the songs are found in a special room in my apartment called “the secret place” where I go “beyond the veil” to “download” the […]

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Worship and Performance

When I was learning to lead worship, one of the things that I was taught early on was that worship is very different to performance. The two things don’t mix and in fact, I was told that performance made worship impure, for “no flesh should glory in God’s presence”. I think a lot of that […]

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Numbers Count

In my last post, I talked about Elevation Church’s Code. In this post, I delve deeper into the thought “it’s all about the numbers”. How important are “the numbers” in terms of the health of a church? Often numerical growth is juxtaposed against spiritual depth as if they are diametrical opposites. In 2008, those who […]

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Breaking the Competitive Spirit

I’m learning so much from reading Joel Osteen’s book, Every Day a Friday. It’s a book all about living with the right attitude and so much of it is applicable to those of us in worship ministry. Today, I want to look at the spirit of competition. My next post will deal with the sort […]

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