Worship: The Centre of Existence

It’s been a while since I last posted. Life has just gotten really busy. But I recently had to do some assignments for Metro Worship Academy. I haven’t written assignments in years! My friend Kelwin says that they should call them “adventures”, rather than “assignments”. We will see… In an interview with the Canberra Times[1], […]

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Defining Worship

I expect that this will not be the only post I write on this subject because “worship” is one of those words which we all understand in some way or another, but find extremely difficult to pin down.  Depending on the context, its meaning expands and contracts.  Also, a lot our understanding will also be […]

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Love and Hate

Have you heard the phrase “love the sinner but hate the sin” being bandied around in church? I’ve finally (after all these years as a Christian) heard an explanation of this phrase which finally makes some sense during a Joseph Prince message. Think about someone with cancer. You love someone to the same degree you […]

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Christmas is for Worship

Merry Christmas to all the worship revolutionaries out there as today we celebrate the birth of the first worship revolutionary! Through Jesus’ coming, the worship of Jehovah was changed forever in at least two ways: first the place of our worship; and second, the participants of worship. John 1:14 says this: The Word became flesh […]

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Holy Worship Team, Batman

In a previous post, I talked about how an apprehension and understanding of the grace of God will transform the way we approach Him in worship. In this context, I want to pose the question: who is qualified to serve on the worship team? In the olden days, we used to impose a high requirement […]

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Encountering Grace

In order to truly worship, I believe that we need to apprehend the grace of God. Now, most of us in Christian circles have some idea of “grace”. It is by faith, through grace, that we are saved. In fact, grace is probably one of the key distinctives of the Protestant movement. Yet, I believe […]

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