Global Day of Worship Song: Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher)

There are certain songs which make your spirit soar, especially the ones that have multiple “key ups” like Dennis Jernigan’s “Who  Can Satisfy?”

Hosanna is one of those songs.

The beauty of the song is in its majesty and simplicity: a four-line chorus and the repeated cry “be lifted higher”. May this be our cry for Global Day of Worship, that the name of Jesus be lifted higher and higher over all the earth!

Songlist for Asian Worship

I’m really excited about Converge. After months of planning, we are nearly there and I’m getting to do what I love the most: working together with the band!

And I’m excited to be working together with a great team of friends from different churches all of whom are not only skilled musicians, but also have a big heart for God’s glory.

So I want to invite you to head down to Wesley Church on the corner of Hay and William Streets in Perth on Saturday 26 May 2012 to worship together with us from 8 am to 10 am.

We are expecting and praying for the manifest presence of God to encounter each worshipper that will birth destinies for the city and the nations!

Yoy Alberastine, Gabriel Tan, Derwin Bong and I will be leading worship. So exciting!

If you are coming down to join us, here is the anticipated songlist to help you prepare:

// Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher) (Sidney Mohede/Israel Houghton)
// You are Good (Israel Houghton)
// You are Good (Bethel: Brian Johnson and Jeremy Riddle
// Great in All the Earth (Starfield)
// Our God (Chris Tomlin)
// Come Holy Spirit (City Harvest)
// One Thirst (Jeremy Riddle)
// Revelation Song
// Here in Your Presence (New Life Worship)
// Great is the Lord (Steve McEwen)
// Overcome (New Life)
// With Everything (Hillsong)
// Jesus Be The Centre
// Rise (Hillsong)
// Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble

It’s going to be an awesome time!

Nations Worship

Converge 2012 is going to culminate in an evening of “Nations Worship”. I was just thinking about what that night might look like. Could it look like this?

Except of course, it would be representative of the church of Perth with worship leaders and singers from the Indigenous church, Korean church, African church, Indonesian church and Asian church. It would be a prophetic declaration of praise that prefigures the day when every tongue, tribe and nation will gather around the throne of God in worship!

How Great is Our God – World Edition

Revelation tells us that at the end of the age, every tongue, tribe and nation will worship around the throne.

“How Great is Our God” is one of my favourite songs because it spans the generations.  But more than that, it is a song that has spanned cultures and languages because of its simple declaration of the greatness of God.

Listening to the World Edition prophetically prefigures the picture of a glorious church where there is neither male, female, slave, free, race, colour.  As was famously declared by Bartleman in the Azusa Street Revival, “the colour line was washed in the blood”.

You will be moved as you listen to this.  Look out for some notable worship leaders, including Sidney Mohede singing in Indonesian and Marcos Witt singing in Spanish.  Great stuff.