The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes: Approaching Worship With Sincerity

When many worship songs written these days verge on being lyrically flakey, Matt Redman continues to buck the trend in writing singable melodies paired with rich theological meaning. I love Redman’s song “Blessed Be Your Name” for those reasons. It is poetic, using contrasting imagery in each couplet, and yet forcefully reiterating a truth that […]

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Worshipping in the Dark

We got to church this morning at about 6.30 am to begin setting up as we weren’t able to rehearse in the auditorium yesterday. About 20 minutes into the set-up, it went completely dark except for a couple of dim emergency lights. The power had cut out. Maybe this was a temporary thing. Someone must […]

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Five Facets of a Worship Leader

Worship leadership 101: a worship leader does a whole lot more than singing songs in front of a congregation on a Sunday. This is obvious. The task of a worship leader is so much more than that. In fact a worship leader is called to help shape the corporate worship life of a congregation. Here […]

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Why the Distinction Between “Praise” and “Worship” Matters

In an earlier post entitled Defining Worship, I introduced Harold’s Best definition of worship as continuous outpouring. If worship encompasses all of our life, then “worship” is a much bigger concept than “praise”. ┬áIn fact, we can think of “praise” as a subset of “worship”. ┬áRobert Webber once said that “worship is a verb”, but […]

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New Stuff (and Some Old)

I had a quick run to the Christian bookshop this morning after breakfast and picked up some stuff. CDS Passion: White Flag Matt Redman: 10,000 Reasons International House of Prayer Student Awakening: Joy Bethel Music: The Loft Sessions Hillsong United: Live in Miami Books Craig Groeschel: What is God Really Like John Piper: Let the […]

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Pressing In

Wow, it’s been a number of days since my last post. I’ve had a pretty busy week leading up to a trial last Friday. I haven’t conducted a trial in ages so I was a bit nervous, but I’m glad to say that God is good and we won the case, with the Tribunal giving […]

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