Set List: Young Working Adults Retreat (25 May 2013)

I had the privilege of leading worship at Faith Community Church’s Young Working Adults retreat. It was the first time in recent memory that the entire YWA zone got together. The YWA zone had grown significantly in the past year to over 100 people.

Even though the set-up was quite simple, just two vocals and a guitar, I wanted to bring that sense of God’s presence in camp meetings I’ve attended in the past. The theme of the set was about hungering after God’s presence.

Here are the songs we used:

//  Now That You’re Near (E)

//  Jesus at the Centre (E)

//  Breathe (A)

//  Set a Fire (A)

Here is a link to Set a Fire by Jesus Culture:

A highlight of the retreat for me was the Sunday morning worship time. Diana and Chih Wei were relatively new to our church but have had significant worship leading experience in their previous church, so I asked them if they could take the Sunday morning session. They were just amazing, with the two of them co-leading seamlessly. Hope to see more their leading soon!