A New Season in 2015

Happy new year friends! Two thousand and fourteen has been a bittersweet year. There has been some good stuff and also some not so good stuff. As I reflect over the past year, I am thankful for my amazing church, Faith Community Church and what God has been doing in our worship ministry. Some of […]

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What’s Gone Wrong with the Worship Song?

I recently came across Andy Chamberlain’s article “Radio Killed the Worship Song” in this month’s Worship Leader magazine and I couldn’t agree more with him. Chamberlain’s point is that today’s worship songs are no longer “congregational”, more particularly, that they aren’t being written with the average church congregation in mind: Many of our best known worship songs […]

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Your Presence is Heaven to Me

We often prepare songlists for church services which go for 25 minutes. It gets quite easy and routine. You do four songs, two fast, two slow, maybe have a scripture reading somewhere, a bit of open worship after the first of the slow songs and finish up with some enthusiastic applause. But how do you […]

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You are Good – Lakewood

This song is one of my favourites to use as a call to worship. I actually thought the song was brilliant and complete in itself and then tonight, I come across this version which echoes Psalm 150: Praise the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. Praise him for his acts […]

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Worship’s Dirtiest Word

In recent posts, I have been ruminating about worship auditions. Over the years, worship ministries have accepted auditions as a completely legitimate way to vet and induct new candidates into the ministry. But whenever you talk about auditions, you also bring up another concept, which to mention in the context of worship is virtually taboo. […]

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Our New Stash of Stuff

We went to the Christian bookshop today and stocked up on some new stuff for our next season of reading and listening. Here’s our stash: Books: // Healing Unplugged / Bill Johnson and Randy Clark // Hosting the Presence / Bill Johnson // Sun Stand Still / Steven Furtick // Intercessory Worship / Dick Eastman […]

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