Outposts of Grace

I missed this session by Brian Houston but my wife was there and keeps reminding me of this amazing statement that Brian made:

The church is called to be an outpost of grace in the world rather than a guardian of the law.

However that is expressed in our local church, this means we are inclusive rather than exclusive!

And that has been my ministry philosophy. No matter what a person has done or still does, I would prefer them to keep serving with me. I would rather that they remain within a positive life-giving community than without.

Hillsong Highlights – Days 1 and 2

It’s been an amazing couple of days at Hillsong Conference. Amazing and exhausting. I was hoping to get a bit of time between sessions to process and blog some of things that God has been speaking to me but the schedule is way too packed. Either you are running between sessions or queuing up to get into the rallies.

So I’ll probably do some short highlights this week before expanding on some of the points later.

On Day 1, Steve Furtick shared on 2 Cor 3:12ffs on Unveiled Vision. A profound statement he made was that Moses had kept the veil on his face so the Israelites couldn’t see that the glory was fading. We often choose to live in the things of the past by memorialising the past more fondly than it deserves. I think it’s important for us to honour the past, but keep looking towards the future.

This morning, Day 2, Brian Houston shared on instilling culture. I’m very keen now on living out and setting a culture in my ministry (with Dave) and my workplace in this next lap. Culture attaches to everything. You get what you allow. Culture gives everyone authority to speak into each other’s lives so we can align with the bigger picture!

This evening Bill Hybels (who always reminds me of Ps Benny!) spoke a simple message about setting a God-first schedule in our lives. He says that our schedule is less about what we want to get done and much more about who we want to become.

There’s still so much to unpack. I can’t wait to see what God has store over the next three days!