Epochal Song 6: Power of Your Love (Geoff Bullock, 1992)

I’ve been inspired since reading Worship Leader magazine’s Top 20 Songs in the Last 20 Years to continue my series on the Epochal Songs of the Praise and Worship Movement.

So we go to the year 1992…

Geoff Bullock’s “Power of Your Love” in my opinion, was one of the defining songs for the Australian praise and worship scene. Even though there had already been some notable contributors from Australia on the worldwide stage (Phil Pringle and Mal Fletcher come to mind), this song put Hillsong (then Hills Christian Life Centre) on the map. Within a short number of years, Hillsong would not only greatly impact the praise and worship movement, it would also be one of the leading shapers of the movement.

In fact, I remember in 1992 at the age of 15 going to a powerful youth camp where “Power of Your Love” was sung as the theme song. I think my friend Daryl Tan and some others led the worship each session. And each session, we sang “Power of Your Love”. On the last night, Russell Sage described in gruesome detail how Christ suffered on the cross. Before the days of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, you’d be surprised how powerfully words can paint a picture when coupled with a fertile imagination! As we sang this song to close the meeting, tears just streamed down my face as I was captured by the agony of Christ’s sacrifice. I was being changed by the power of His love.

That camp was a milestone in my Christian walk. I came away deeply impacted knowing that I would serve and love God the best I could no matter what.

Another Awesome Rehearsal

I just got back this evening rehearsing with the band for Converge “Hear the Nations Worship” night. It was another time of refreshing in God’s presence.

I came to the rehearsal with quite a great deal of stress. I was busy at work, but also busy trying to finalise everything for Converge and my mind was in a million different places. And then I caught a cold. So I took today off work (it should have been sick leave!) to try to organise the songlist for our rehearsal. I also thought I would spend some time with the dog as well as she was starting to feel neglected with all our busyness and filled-out schedules.

But it was like all the stress melted away as we worshipped. We began just by simply praying together which really helped us maintain our focus. After a couple of tricky fast songs (which required a good deal of concentration) we came to the turning point when we started Stephanie Truscott’s gospel worship set. There’s something about gospel music that just gets your toe tapping and body moving. And I sensed that God began to imbue us with a sense of freedom as we sang “I’m So Glad, Jesus Set Me Free”.

As we started worshipping to “Beautiful Saviour” there was just a wonderful overlay of vocals singing the names of God and I just felt like I was spirited away into another realm. It felt like the song that never ends. As we went back into the bridge “I could sing forever, Jesus I love You”, we’d be hit a with a new wave of praise bubbling over.

It was such a beautiful time.

I really am blessed to be serving with such a wonderful and anointed team.

So let me introduce you to the team facilitating the Converge Day of Worship Finale (sorry I forgot to take a photo this time):

// Worship leaders: Me, Pastor Yoy Alberastine (Faith Community Church/Sonlife Church), Shaw Cheong and Stephanie Truscott MOSAIC Church)
// Vocals: Me, Pastor Yoy, Shaw, Stephanie, Ling, Wai Kin Wong (Full Gospel Assembly)
// Bass: Jon Teoh (FCC) (he just joined us tonight and he’s awesome!)
// MD and keys: Daryl Tan (Firstlight)
// Electric Guitar: Chris Mayne (Lifestreams Church)
// Drums: Ash Tie (New Covenant Community)

And here is the mega songlist in case you are preparing:

// Ancient of Days
// You are Good (Israel Houghton)
// Hosanna (Brooke Fraser)
// You’ll Come
// I See the Lord
// I Exalt Thee
// Gospel Worship with Stephanie Truscott
// Messianic Worship with Kathy Susnjar
// Beautiful Saviour
// Worthy is the Lamb
// You Deserve the Glory
// Shout to the Lord
// African Worship with Arlene Gregory
// We Speak to Nations
// How Great is Our God World Edition (in English, Mandarin, Malay, Tagalog and Zulu)

I think the last song is a significant prophetic enactment and prefigurement of what will happen at the end of time when the nations gather before the worthy Lamb who was slain, giving Him glory, honour, power, wisdom, strength and blessing.

I’m really looking forward to Saturday!