Blessings Reel – May 2012

May has been a big month! I was so busy that I hardly found any time to write any new posts. But it’s been a great month, part of the continuum of this year of Unceasing Fruitfulness. May was also a month when I learnt to rest in Christ’s strength. Certainly, being part of Converge […]

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Songlist for Asian Worship

I’m really excited about Converge. After months of planning, we are nearly there and I’m getting to do what I love the most: working together with the band! And I’m excited to be working together with a great team of friends from different churches all of whom are not only skilled musicians, but also have […]

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I’m excited about being part of Converge 2012: Knit Together, from 23 to 26 May 2012. The last day is a full day devoted to worship, where worship ministries all around the city will gather to lift up the name of Jesus. Leave a comment here if you’re interested in participating! Watch this space for […]

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