Epochal Song 1: All Hail King Jesus (Dave Moody, 1977)

The story goes that Dave Moody, as he was preparing to lead a worship service, sat at his piano and began to worship.

A prophetic song came to him and the words and melody began to flow.  “All Hail King Jesus” was birthed in that moment.  Moody was then prompted to sing it in the service.  As he did, people began responding by bowing in worship all throughout the church.  The song was then popularised through conferences and began to spread throughout the worldwide church.

“All Hail King Jesus” was significant in that it began to focus the church on objective praise, moving away from the subjectivity of presentation songs.

It is amazing how a cultural change would begin in the intimacy of a believer’s private worship.

The song also became the title recording of the first Integrity Hosanna! album led by Kent Henry.  Hosanna Music would later become a leader in the worship cassette revolution (before CD’s and iTunes were invented!).

The distinctive of Hosanna Music was its ability to capture the atmosphere and flow of a worship set from start to finish.  This is something which most worship labels have failed to replicate  even to this day – preferring instead to heavily edit and chop and change the positioning of songs.

My first Hosanna Music album was “The Lord Reigns” with Bob Fitts.  I was very much taken by the idea of being able to put on the tape and have a church service right there in my Walkman and to experience the presence of God through recorded worship.  I began memorising every song on the tape and even the things Bob Fitts said in between songs.  Listening to Hosanna  Music was one of the ways I learnt to lead worship.

I am sure Dave Moody could not have imagined how a simple song like the one he wrote in 1977 would change the entire worship landscape of the church and that its influence would reach down to the generations to come after him!