Faith, Doubt and Authenticity

My friend Darren and I were meant to have a “Doubt Night”. But we haven’t had time to do one yet. In our cell group, we’ve been talking about Timothy Keller’s message The Prodigal God. And the concept of how the younger brother was self-motivated. He is a model of a person who wanted to […]

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The Church as Family

I’ve just finished reading Messy Church and for the past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of church as family. We often like to think of the church in one of the following different ways: a corporate entity (with strict lines of authority, structures, rules and regulations), a movement (a group of […]

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Authenticity Attracts

Here is another brilliant thought from Pastor Benny Ho’s sermon yesterday at Faith Community Church: Authentic people attract.  Weird people distract. And he was talking about the church! I think we’ve all seen our fair share of weird Christians.  I certainly have, especially because in most of my early years growing up in the church, […]

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