Epochal Song 5: Ancient of Days (Jamie Harvill and Gary Sadler)

Today, I’m continuing the series on Epochal Songs of the Praise and Worship Movement.  At number 5 is “Ancient of Days” which in my view, was the high watermark for musical excellence.

Hosanna Music had been slowly building up its musical prowess before deftly unleashing some of the best, world-class Christian worship musicians onto the praise and worship scene, including the likes of Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuna and Justo Almario.  Listen out for the instrumental solo halfway through and you will see just how far the praise and worship movement had come.  No longer was worship relegated to the amateurs, but professional musicians would now share the stage with those who grew up learning to play music in the church.  Since then, musical excellence has become a pursuit for worshippers alongside presence and anointing.

“Ancient of Days” was recorded on “Lift Him Up with Ron Kenoly”, one of the best selling Hosanna Music albums of all time and one which would set up Ron Kenoly as a force in praise and worship for the next decade.  The final medley on the album, culminating in “Whose Report Will You Believe” and “Can’t Stop Praising His Name” would be well remembered by all those who led worship around that time.

It certainly became a staple for many final night camp worship sessions, where we would keep singing “Can’t Stop Praising His Name” ’til we were all covered in sweat; had gone through three rotations of musicians; and were all hoarse in the throat; and yet unwilling to leave that place of high praise and celebration.  Ah, good times!