Week 5 Chronicles: Choir Sunday

Choir Sunday Photo 1

Over the past few months, as part of our worship team’s vision to hone and strengthen our craft, our vocalists have been going through group coaching with Mel Crothers, a worship leader, singer and performing artist in our city.

To cap it all off, our vocals director, Sunray Zheng, decided to put on a special worship set on 30 September 2018: led by a choir of over 25 of our singers.

It just so happened that that Sunday was also the first Sunday of Faith Community Church’s moving into our new facility. It was an apt way to start our first service, because in my view, nothing is more representative of worshipping congregation than having a choir lead worship. It speaks of the power of multifarious voices united to create a sound that no one person can muster on their own – differing gifts combined into a greater whole that is more than the sum of its parts. A picture of the church, really.

Choir Sunday Photo 2

Sunray contextualised the moment with an apt setlist, beginning with “Trading My Sorrows” to remind us that we were leaving our past behind and moving forward into our new season; culminating in the powerful declaration of “What a Beautiful Name It Is” (in gospel version with Siska Sands on lead) and ending with “When I Think About the Lord” (featuring Ritchell Lim). It was a reminder that the God who was faithful in the past will continue to be faithful into the future.

I’m looking forward to a season of new influence and new territory for FCC.

Here’s the recording:

Photo credits: Faith Community Church

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